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General Contractor

construction worker Having been in commercial construction since 1982 and as a licensed general contractor since 1992, we have always focused on adding value to our projects. We have been involved with a wide range of projects with diverse structural, mechanical and architectural systems over the years. We are technical builders. One of our goals is to be considered expert in our field and to create fans of our clients.

Construction Management

construction blueprintsAs a construction manager, we provide a conduit that creates a good flow of information through a controlled system. When we perform CM services, we know that our clients expect a more streamlined process with fewer surprises, change orders and disputes among team members. Our goal is to get all of the key stakeholders in a project to function as a team. Keeping with the spirit of a good team, everyone is accountable and no one team member fails.

Detailed Cost Estimating

blueprints and pie chartGiving our clients up to date and accurate cost information on their projects is one of the most important services that we provide. Our clients rely on the information that we provide in order to make good business decisions so the information that we provide has to be right!

Rick was trained in quantitive take-off estimating back in the early 80's. He has had the opportunity to grow these skills over the years by working on a wide range of construction project types. Rick has implemented time and motion studies of actual work performed in the field together with cost studies and gathers constant input from suppliers and trade partners in order to provide current and relevant cost information.

Constructability Review

reviewing construction plansIn preconstruction, it is important that as a contractor or CM we provide good feedback to the design team regards to the constructability of the ideas that are put forth in the design. Many times, we can help to avoid costly change orders and delays in the field by helping the design team find solutions and details that will allow a smoother flow of the construction process.

Once a team is assigned to a project, we like to implement a team approach to constructability review. It is always good to have more than one set of eyes looking at a set of documents in order to determine where potential conflicts may occur. Our superintendents, project managers and estimators take the time necessary to thoroughly review the documents before the first shovel is put in the ground.

Scheduling and Schedule Analysis

analysisBuilding a detailed construction schedule is like building the job in one's head. However, even the most well thought out schedules can become flawed if there is not adequate buy-in from key stakeholders in the project including the owner, design team and trade partners. A construction schedule is like a living, breathing document that requires constant attention. Our operations team lives by the schedules that they produce. Our goal is to finish the project when we promise to.

Many times there are challenges on projects that cause impact to the schedule. When this happens we huddle with the key stakeholders in the project to find creative solutions that allow the schedule to be re-sequenced in such a fashion that quality and production is not compromised.

Value Engineering & Cost Studies

cost studiesValue engineering and cost studies go hand in hand. Any time that an alternative material or system is being considered, it will have an affect on other parts of the project. We take a very detailed approach to Value Engineering and make sure that we look at how changes in the design impact adjacent or reliant materials and systems.

Having current cost knowledge of materials and systems helps streamline the process and allows us to bring ideas to the team that are relevant and affective.

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